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Jan. 2009

Can You Facebook Your Way to a New Job?
“If you've taken the time to develop your network and keep those connections live, you can type in a keyword and find you have three friends who work there or know someone who does.”

Nov. 2000

High-bandwidth Buddies
"'Teens are interested in finding each other on the Internet,' says Isabel Walcott, president of SmartGirl.com, a Web site featuring content written by girls for each other. 'For them, that's the point of the Internet. They say, "Hey, I can talk to other people like me."' "

Nov. 1999

Equal Opportunity Techies In New York's Silicon Alley
"...Walcott has found another niche for her talents. She has founded an online market-research firm, Smartgirl.com, which designs and conducts customized surveys. Her target audience is the most notoriously fickle market in retail: teenage girls."

May 1999

Cool Hunters Hit the Web Jungle
"The SmartGirl site doesn't just cater to girls -- it does double duty as a trend-research firm, attempting to capitalize on the demand for market research about the teen demographic."

S2K Magazine
Mar. 1999

Online Surveys Key to Gathering Information About Teen Girls
"The relationship Walcott has created with girls online is a lesson in the type of research media teen and tween girls will respond to. The relationship also offers insight into potential products and partnership ideas."

Jan. 1998

Young Entrepreneurs
"Today, more and more young people are making their mark in the business world. Rather than waiting for opportunity to knock, this new generation of entrepreneurs is knocking down the door."

Jan. 1998

Site Seer: Chicks get hip to the Web
"The site is simple to navigate, easy on the eyes and loads fairly quickly."

Jun. 1997

"Teen girls tell Walcott that boys' computer games are too violent, that they're boring, unrealistic, and irrelevant."

Wired Magazine
Feb. 1997

Does Not Compute
“Saying you need to be good at math to use a computer is like saying you need to be an architect to live in a house."

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